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Design Assistant for PCI Express - Unsupported request bit not set when cfg_err_posted_n is deasserted and cfg_err_ur_n is asserted


When de-asserting cfg_err_posted_n and asserting cfg_err_ur_n to send a completion with a non-successful status, the unsupported request bit in the Device Status register output to the user on cfg_dstatus[3] is not set. However, if cfg_err_posted_n is asserted, the unsupported request bit is set.
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A non-posted request that results as an unsupported request is treated as an Advisory Non-Fatal Error (ANFE) condition. See section of the PCI Base Specification v2.0. The Virtex-6, Spartan-6, and Virtex-5 Integrated Blocks do not support the Advanced Error Reporting (AER) capability, so following the flow diagram in section 6.2.5 (Table 6-2), if the uncorrectable error is an ANFE condition and since AER is not supported then the unsupported bit is not set.
A unsupported request for a posted packet is not considered an ANFE condition, so according to the flow diagram the UR bit is set.
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AR# 37007
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