AR# 3708


A1.4 Install: Possible problem with BASE install and Spartan


keywords: base,install, PC, win95, NT,M1.4,A1.4,F1.4

urgency: standard

short description:

After installing the BASE PC or BASE WS A1.4 software,
a user may find that two smallest Spartan devices are not installed.


If this happens, this means that a customer has one
of the early A1.4 CD's. This problem has been fixed
since this problem was found. Other than getting
a 'newer' A1.4 CD set. there is another workaround:

For workstations, just re-run install and
select the Spartan family and XC5200 families
for installation only.

For PC's, installing using the 'standard' icon
instead of the base icon. Select the Spartan
family and XC5200 familes for installation only.
AR# 3708
日期 08/23/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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