AR# 3711


Foundation F1.3/F1.4: Cannot select 4000EX/4000XL, Spartan devices when creating new project


Keywords: Foundation, Project Manager, new, project, create
4000XL, 4000EX

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

After deleting a project from the Project Manager, if you then
attempt to create a New Project, you will not see the proper
families listed as target device families. For example, 4000XL
and 4000EX will not be listed (although they should be), and
2000 and 3000 are listed (when they shouldn't be).


The problem is due to a bug in the Foundation Project Manager
which is a result of deleting the currently open project. To
resolve the problem, simply open up any existing project, and
then once again attempt to create the new project. By loading
the Project Manager with a known project, it returns to its
proper operation.

For example:

1. Open any example design from the <ACTIVE>\PROJECTS

2. Create the new project by selecting File -> New and all
of the families should now be available.
AR# 3711
日期 03/02/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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