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Design Assistant for XST - Help applying constraints globally


Please refer to this answer record for help applying XST constraints globally.

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Setting XSToptions/constraints/properties globally applies the constraints to the whole project. XST options can beset globally in ISE Project Navigator or in XST command line mode.

  • SetXST options in Project Navigator

Right click on "Synthesize - XST -> Process Properties...". Check the 3 tabs for the property you wish to set. If the property is not in the list, type the property including the "-" and the value you wish to set itto under "Other XST Command Line Options".

  • Set XST options in command line mode

XST options can be added to the XST command line directly or inan XSTscript file with the following format: "-option_name option_value".

Following are some examples of setting XST options in XST command line mode.

    1. Add optionsin XST command line directly: xst run -keep_hierarhy yes -opt_level 1 -opt_mode speed ......
    2. Add options in an XST script file:

-ifn watchver.prj
-ifmt mixed
-ofn watchver.ngc
-ofmt NGC
-p xc5vfx30t-2-ff324
-opt_mode Speed
-opt_level 1

For more information about XST options, please refer to UG627/687-XST User Guide Xilinx Answer 38931



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