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Xilinx Spartan-6 MIG Solution Center - Design Assistant


The Spartan-6 MIG Design Assistant walks you through the recommended design flow for MIG Spartan-6 FPGA MCB designs while debugging commonly encountered issues, such as simulation issues, calibration failures, and data errors. The Design Assistant provides useful design and troubleshooting information, but also points you to the exact documentation you need to read to help you design efficiently with MIG.

Note: This Answer Record is a part of the Xilinx MIG Solution Center (Xilinx Answer 34243).The Xilinx MIG Solution Center is available to address all questions related to MIG. Whether you are starting a new design with MIG or troubleshooting a problem, use the MIG Solution Center to guide you to the right information.


Please first select the design phase where you have a question or are troubleshooting an issue related to your MIG design. This ensures that the MIG Design Assistant points you to the information you need to continually move forward with your design.

(Xilinx Answer 37498) - Core Functionality
(Xilinx Answer 37499) - Core Generation
(Xilinx Answer 37500) - Simulation
(Xilinx Answer 37501) - Implementation
(Xilinx Answer 37502) - Hardware



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44173 Xilinx Memory Interface Solution Center - Design Assistant N/A N/A


Answer Number 问答标题 问题版本 已解决问题的版本
44094 MIG Spartan-6 FPGA DDR2/DDR3 - How do I drive the user interface? N/A N/A
44093 MIG Spartan-6 DDR2/DDR3 - Traffic Generator Details and Usage N/A N/A


AR# 37496
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