AR# 3756


FSM Editor F1.4: Vhdl code synthesis errors, Enum_encoding not declared


Keywords: Finite State Machine Editor, VHDL, FSM, Code
generation, synthesis, Foundation, State Editor.

Urgency: Standard

Definition: When using the FSM Editor to generate VHDL to synthesize into a macro or netlist, the synthesis tool may
issue an error indicating that the 'enum_encoding' attribute
has not been declared. The following is an example of code
which may generate this error.

-- Binary Encoded state machine: Sreg0
type Sreg0_type is (S0,S1);
attribute enum_encoding of Sreg0_type: type is
"0" & --S0
"1" ; --S1


The problem is due to the fact that the Metamor library has
not been declared in the VHDL file. The State Editor should,
by default, add the appropriate libraries to the VHDL file. If
for some reason, this did not happen, select Synthesis->Select
Libraries... from the State Editor. Click on the "Default"
button, and you should now see 3 libraries declared: IEEE,
Metamor, Synopsys. Click OK, and re-compile the State Machine.

AR# 3756
日期 04/04/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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