AR# 3779


SPROMs (XC1700): How to program reset polarity on Xilinx SPROMs


General Description: How do you program reset polarity on Xilinx PROMs?


The RESET/OE pin on Xilinx SPROMS can be programmed to:

1) active High RESET/active Low Output Enable


2) active Low RESET/active High Output Enable

The only way to program this reset polarity is through a Xilinx or third party


RESET polarity is not programmable through Makebits, Bitgen,

or any other software.

The Xilinx programming specification states that the

programmer software should prompt the user as to what

polarity he would like reset polarity programmed.

All Xilinx programmers (HW-112 and HW-130) support

reset polarity in this manner, as do most third party


Data I/O programmers did not follow this specification

and required that you load certain address locations in

the PROM with either FF's or 00's for active High and active

Low RESET, respectively. (See Solution 188 for more details

on this topic).

AR# 3779
日期 05/14/2014
状态 Archive
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