AR# 38057


13.3 PlanAhead - DRC warning that Vcco/Vccaux needs to be a specific value, even when the UCF has this set


DRC warnings in the PlanAhead tool sometimes advise you that Vcco or Vccaux needs to be a specific value.

This warning can occur even when you have specified these values in the UCF.


The PlanAhead tool is not currently parsing the UCF to see these constraints.

The warning occurs because the port is unplaced. As currently implemented, this DRC only checks ports that are placed.

This issue has been resolved in the PlanAhead 13.4 software. In earlier versions of the software, you should verify that the Vcco or Vccaux value has been specified in either the netlist or constraints file, then you can ignore the warning once confirmed.
AR# 38057
日期 02/29/2012
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Type 已知问题
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