AR# 38065


SmartXplorer - WARNING: Unable to ping remote host username@servername


I run SmartXplorer with a host file that includes a machine with password-less SSH. However, when doing so I obtain the following messages and SmartXplorer will not run on said machine:

WARNING: Unable to ping remote host username@servername. Removing host from hostlist.

ERROR: No hosts available to run remote jobs. Ensure that remote commands can be launched using rsh or ssh on the hosts specified in the hostlist file. Please refer to SmartXplorer documentation on configuring these hosts for running remote commands.

How can I resolve this issue?


SmartXplorer is required to have SSH configured so no passwords and usernames are required. Please contact your IT department for further assistance.

This use case is under investigation in order to provide improved user experience in a future release of the ISE Design Suite tools.
AR# 38065
日期 12/15/2012
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