AR# 38106


12.2 Japanese Documentation Patch Release Notes


In this patch release, the following issues in 12.2 Library Guides have been fixed. First, some of HDL codes were missing in the HDL version of the Library Guides. Second, some of the contents were not displayed correctly in both the HDL and Schematic version of the Library Guides. Also, the HTML version has been fixed (as well as the PDF version).


When you run XilinxNotify and click Download, the Xilinx Download page opens. Please download and install a ZIP file.

If you would like to install the whole 12.2 Japanese documentation, download the ISE Japanese Documentation Update.

If you would like to install only this patch release, download the 12.2 ISE Japanese Library Guides patch. Please refer to (Xilinx Answer 35631) for installation information.

The updated PDF versions are also available from the following Web site:

If you would like to copy and use the HDL code in your design, downloading the templates (a ZIP file) is recommended, instead of copying code in a PDF file.

If you prefer not to download them, the same HDL codes are available in the Language Templates in Project Navigator.
AR# 38106
日期 05/26/2014
状态 Archive
Type 版本说明
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