AR# 3818


F1.4 General - Chinese, Korean and Japanese encodings corrupted by US Foundation Design Entry CD


This patch is for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese
and Simplified Chinese Windows only. After Foundation 1.4
Design Entry Tool is installed on Chinese, Korean or Japanese
Windows, you might find characters do not convert on top of
the cursor, and the character conversion is done at the bottom
left corener of the window. Also, sometimes, only half of the
double-byte character appears on screen. This patch corrects
above problems.


A patch is available to restore the Microsoft library
overwritten by the Foundation install.

This zip file is password protected. The password is "xilinx"
(all lower case). This patch should only be installed on a
Chinese, Korean or Japanese Windows system. It will break all
other Windows systems.

This zip file was created by WinZip. To obtain this utility,
access WinZip's web site at
AR# 3818
日期 04/03/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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