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HDLCompiler:189:Size mismatch in connection of port


I get the following warning when running XST. Why?

HDLCompiler:189:Size mismatch in connection of port


This message appears when there is mismatch in the size of argument and parameter. argument bit length differs from the parameter bit length for the port.


Check the sizes of the argument bit length and the parameter bit length of the port, and re-run XST


Consider the following RTL:

file: ram.v
module ram (clk, we, en, addr, di, do);
input [13:0] addr;

//Instantiating ram
module top (clk, we, en, addr, di, do)
input [13:0] addr;

ram ram_inst(clk, we, en, addr[12], di, do);

The creation of the instance ram_inst for ram, the paramter port is of bit length 14 (13:0) for input port addr, but the argument passed is of 1-bit length(i.e 12th bit).
AR# 38212
日期 12/15/2012
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