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AR# 38353

12.2 XPS/EDK - How do I build a MicroBlaze processor system without the debug module?


After I remove the default debug module (MDM), the following error occurs during the Generate Netlist process:
"ERROR:EDK:3193 - issued from TCL procedure "::hw_microblaze_v7_30_b::check_syslevel_settings" line 162 microblaze_0 (microblaze) - The Debug interface is not correctly connected.
The signals Dbg_Capture, Dbg_Clk, Dbg_Reg_En, Dbg_Shift, Dbg_TDI, Dbg_TDO, Dbg_Update and Debug_Rst are not connected. To use the interface the bus or all signals must be connected to an MDM."

Is it compulsory to use the debug module in the system?
How can I resolve this error without a MDM core?


To remove the debug module, perform the following:

  1. Clear the parameter C_DEBUG_ENABLED to 0 in the MB instance of the MHS file.
  2. Remove or comment out "BUS_INTERFACE DEBUG = microblaze_0_mdm_bus" in the MB instance of the MHS file.
  3. Remove or comment out "PORT MB_Debug_Sys_Rst = Debug_SYS_Rst" in the proc_sys_reset instance of the MHS file.
  4. Remove or comment out the MDM instance of the MHS file.
  5. Remove or comment out the MDM driver instance of the MSS file.
AR# 38353
日期 12/15/2012
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