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10G Ethernet IP Design Assistant - Hardware Debug and Link Bring up


This answer record identifies starting points when debugging hardware and link bring up issues with the 10G Ethernet IP.

Note: This Answer Record is a part of the Ethernet IP Solution Center (Xilinx Answer 38279).The Ethernet IP Solution Center is available to address all questions related to Ethernet IP. Whether you are starting a new design with Ethernet IP cores or troubleshooting a problem, use the Ethernet IP Solution Center to guide you to the right information.


The Debugging Designs Chapter at the end of the XAUI and RXAUI User Guide has a Hardware debug section with guidance on:

  • General Checks for Hardware Debug
  • Monitoring the XAUI Core with ChipScope Tool
  • Problems with Data Reception or Transmission
  • What Can Cause a Local or Remote Fault?
  • Link Bring Up
  • What Can Cause Synchronization and Alignment to Fail?
  • What Can Cause the XAUI Core to Insert Errors?
  • Problems with the MDIO

These Guides are available at the below links:



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AR# 38386
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