AR# 38412


12.3 EDK - AXI_Ethernet-v1.00.a - Statistics counter operation is incorrect when using Virtex-6 hard TEMAC running at 10/100 Mbps


The statistics core reports incorrect byte count when operating at 10/100 Mbps on a Virtex-6 hard TEMAC core.


The chip enables are not taken into account in the existing core resulting in the incorrect computation of the byte count. The solution is to use the updated statistics core files which are available in this patch.

This tactical patch is required only for AXI based Ethernet systems targeting Virtex-6 devices. This issue does not affect Spartan-6 devices.

1. Download the AXI_Ethernet v1.00.a patch at:

2. Unzip the contents of the patch to the pcores folder of the project.

3. Clean the project after installing the patch and then re-implement it.

This fix will be integrated in v1.01.a of the axi_ethernet core in EDK 12.4, which will be available later this year.
AR# 38412
日期 05/26/2014
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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