AR# 38440


12.3 EDK, AXI_V6_DDRx - ERROR:MapLib:1002 - IDELAYCTRL processing failed. IDELAYCTRL symbol ... have the same IODELAY_GROUP constraint


When using multiple AXI_V6_DDRx controllers, the following error occurs:

ERROR:MapLib:1002 - IDELAYCTRL processing failed. IDELAYCTRL symbol
signal=DDR3_SDRAM/DDR3_SDRAM/IODELAY_CTRL.u_axi_v6_ddrx_iodelay_ctrl/iodelay_ctrl_rdy_i) and IDELAYCTRL symbol
"axi_v6_ddrx_0/axi_v6_ddrx_0/IODELAY_CTRL.u_axi_v6_ddrx_iodelay_ctrl/u_idelayctrl" (output
signal=axi_v6_ddrx_0/axi_v6_ddrx_0/IODELAY_CTRL.u_axi_v6_ddrx_iodelay_ctrl/iodelay_ctrl_rdy_i)have the same IODELAY_GROUP constraint but do not share the
same Reset signal.

How do I resolve this error?


This issue is caused by the two AXI_V6_DDRx cores having the same IODELAY_GROUP. To work around this issue, set a different IODELAY_GROUP parameter for each core:


This issue isplanned to be fixed in AXI_V6_DDRx v1.01.a, to be released in EDK 12.4. The fix will be to automatically set the IODELAY_GROUP parameter to the instance name when not set by the user.
AR# 38440
日期 12/15/2012
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