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Logicore IP Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) v4.0 - What is a STATUS_CAPTURE_FAILURE{-113} message?


What is the cause of the STATUS_CAPTURE_FAILURE{-113} for CAPTURE_NEW_SAMPLES{20} command for the Logicore IP Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) core?


The -113 error indicates a failure of the hardware to capture new samples.  The basic capture process is to have the software write a known value into the capture RAM and then trigger a capture and wait to see if the known value is over-written.  The over-writing of the known value is an indication that the hardware capture process was completed successfully.

Here are the steps in the processes:

1)    Software writes a known check-word into the last location of the TX capture RAM.
2)    Software reads back this value to verify the value was written.
a.    If the software fails to read back the correct value, then return error -113 and stop.
3)    Trigger the hardware to capture new samples and wait for known check-word to be over-written.
a.    If check-word is not over-written within four ISR intervals, then return error -113 and stop.
4)    Return successful.

So this error indicates that there is an issue with the hardware,. 
Therefore, check
  • The reset is released
  • There are no timing issues reported

For help on how to debug this issue please refer to UG776, LogiCORE IP Digital Pre-Distortion v4.0 Debug Interface User Guide, which can be found by going to the DPD Product Page and accessing the Digital Pre-Distortion Evaluation Lounge

For a detailed list of Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) Release Notes and Known Issues, see (Xilinx Answer 33521)

AR# 38494
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