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V1.4.0 COREGEN: What's new in the v1.4.0 release


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General Description:
What's new in the v1.4.0 release?


- Solaris v2.5.1 support. This is the first release that
runs on workstations.
- Windows NT 4.0 support. Windows NT 4.0 is now fully
- Spartan support. All modules can be targeted to Spartan
- Faster startup and module generation. The 1.4.0 version of
CORE Generator takes less time to start up, and less time
to generate modules.
- Viewlogic interface integrated with Xilinx M1 software.
WIR file generation is now accomplished using Xilinx M1
executables. Both Xilinx M1 Implementation Tools and
Viewlogic must be installed on your system for COREGen
to generate the Viewlogic symbol and WIR files for the
COREGen module.
for this to work.

Note that not all modules shipped with the Alpha v3.0.x
release are included in the v1.4.0 release. See (Xilinx
Solution 3675) for the list of supported modules.

New cores will be supplied on the <a href=CORELINX web page.
AR# 3850
日期 03/12/2000
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