AR# 38567


12.x iMPACT - HALT Signal for USB II cable


I'm trying to use iMPACT to control the HALT signal as documented in DS593 (USB II Platform Cable Data Sheet).

Support for controlling this signal has been removed from iMPACT 12.x.

How can I work around this using the 12.x version of iMPACT?


iMPACT no longer supports controlling this signal because Direct SPI and slave serial programming were removed in the 12.x tools where this signal was used.

If you do need to use this feature in impact, you will need to use the 11.x version.

HALT was removed because the main reason for its inclusion was for direct SPI and slave serial. 

It is used for the SPI Write Protect in direct SPI mode and in Slave Serial it drives INIT, so it is essential in those two modes. 

For JTAG, it is not required but can be used to delay configuration.

AR# 38567
日期 09/22/2014
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