AR# 38644


13.4/14.7 ISE - What is the status of multi-threading support in ISE?


Does ISE support multi-threading and how many processors can be used?

Are all device families supported?


  1. Only Virtex-7, Kintex-7, Virtex-6, Spartan-6 and Virtex-5 are supported. 
  2. Only Map (Global Placement only) and PAR (Routing) support multi-threading.
  3. Map only supports a multi-threading number up to 2. PAR supports up to 4.


  • SmartXplorer supports parallel runs, and the number of parallel runs can exceed the processor number on the machine.
  • PlanAhead supports multiple jobs, and the number can be up to the processor number on the machine.

However, SmartXplorer and PlanAhead do not support multi-threading. 

Multi-threading can be specified for Map and PAR using a custom strategy file.

AR# 38644
日期 11/23/2016
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