AR# 3868


M1.4 Map - FATAL_ERROR:baspm:baspmdevkey.c - Unable to load file or override file "mapl2ppins.acd"


Keywords: map, pkzip, winzip

Urgency: Standard

General Description: Installing the patches for the Alliance series
software on the PC. Users may get the following FATAL_ERROR in map:

FATAL_ERROR:baspm:baspmdevkey.c:503:1.11 - Unable to load file or
override file "mapl2ppins.acd". Process will terminate. Please call
Xilinx support.


In the patch file, there is a file called %XILINX%\xc5200\data\mapl2ppins.acd.
However, when extracting the file from the archive, the file gets truncated
to %XILINX%\xc5200\data\mapl2ppi.acd.

If you shell out to MS-DOS and manually run PKUNZIP (2.04g), the
filename gets truncated to the DOS-style 8.3 filename.

If you run WinZip from inside Win95, the long filenames are preserved.

The two mapl2ppins.acd files (one for XC5200 and another for XC4000)
are the only ones with long filenames in the archive, and
therefore are the only ones affected by this glitch.

To correct the problem, rename:

%XILINX%\xc4000\data\mapl2ppi.acd to %XILINX%\xc4000\data\mapl2ppins.acd
%XILINX%\xc5200\data\mapl2ppi.acd to %XILINX%\xc5200\data\mapl2ppins.acd
AR# 3868
日期 04/25/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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