AR# 38710


12.4 Project Navigator - SmartXplorer, Copy Results Feature does not work correctly when the working directory is different to the project directory


The Copy Results feature in Project Navigator does not work from SmartXplorer when the working directory is not the same location as the project directory.

E.g: Project Location set to: H:\testing\still_testing\example

Working Directory set to: H:\testing\still_testing\example\workdir

All tools run successfully and implement the design in the working directory; SmartXplorer also ran as expected in the working directory. However, the results will not be copied to the working directory by the Copy Results feature in Project Navigator.

The implementation tools Process Properties will not be populated correctly either.


To work around the issue at present, manually copy the files from the specific SmartXplorer run into the working directory to allow Bit file creation.

If the user wishes to re-run the Implementation into the Working Directory without copying the files, they must manually modify the Process Properties defined by their chosen strategy in the individual Implementation tools process property windows.

This issue is fixed in the ISE Design Suite 13.1 release.

AR# 38710
日期 12/15/2012
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