AR# 38874


12.3 CompXLib - SecureIP is not compiled when using ModelSim SE/PE 6.3c


When I run CompXlib to compile simulation libraries for ModelSim SE/PE 6.3c with ISE 12.3, SecureIP is not compiled.

In the compxlib.log file, I do no find any messages about SecureIP.
What is the problem?


This happens because ModelSim SE/PE 6.3c is an older version that matches ISE 10.1 but not ISE 12.3.

The supported ModelSim version for ISE 12.3 is 6.5c.

To resolve this problem, use ModelSim SE/PE 6.5c instead.

To find the supported Simulator versions, please refer to the "Synthesis and Simulation Design Guide".

<ISE installation directory>\ISE_DS\ISE\doc\usenglish\isehelp\sim.pdf
AR# 38874
日期 11/26/2014
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