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Speedprint, Virtex-6 - When is a given Virtex-6 device and speed grade marked in ISE as PRODUCTION status?


According to the Virtex-6 FPGA Data Sheet (DS152), the production speed file for XC6VLX195T-1L is v1.04 in ISE 12.2 software:

However, the speed file in the ISE 12.2 Design Suite shows "PRELIMINARY".

Which is correct?


The production status for a given device is reported in the device family data sheet, and the SPD file status is reported in the ISE software. Updating the SPD file status occurs when we release the next version of the ISE Design Suite and will match the status in the data sheet. The speed file process is to have the data sheet report the status change and have the SPD file status change in the next release of the software. For example, the production status for XC6vX195T-1L speed file is reported in the data sheet as ISE Design Suite 12.2, but the SPD file status changed to production in the ISE Design Suite12.3.

AR# 38924
日期 11/12/2012
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