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AR# 38996

Virtex-6 - Frame_ECC Single Bit error correction time


How long does it take to correct a single bit upset?


The time to correct (which does not include the time to detect) is the time it takes to perform a read-modify-write to the frame in error. Here is how the time breaks down:

1 frame time to read memory cells and write it to the frame data register
1 frame time to shift the frame data from the frame data register
1 frame time to correct and shift frame data back into frame data register
1 frame time to write data from frame data register to memory cells

1 frame time = 81 clocks

So, total time = 4 * 81 * 10 ns (assuming we are running readback crc at 100 MHz) + state machine overhead = about 5 us
AR# 38996
日期 01/23/2013
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