AR# 3913


2.1i LogiBLOX - Bus Width - "Other" setting does not work correctly on UNIX platforms.


Keywords: GUI, LogiBLOX, 1.5i, Other

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In the LogiBLOX GUI window that pops up for a given module, you can specify
a "Bus Width" setting for the module.

One of the Bus Width selections is "Other", which allows you to define a bus width
value other than the pre-defined selections. Immediately after selecting "Other" for
Bus Width, the correct behavior of the GUI is to blank out the bus width field and
allow you to type the desired value into the field.

This does not work properly on UNIX (Sun, Solaris and HP) platforms.




The word "Other" in the Bus Width field is not editable, so you
should try selecting some other predefined value and simply
erase it and type in your desired bus width value over it.



In the 2.1i release, a new bug was found, where the field becomes
uneditable when "Other" is selected.


1. Generate the module with one of the predefined bus width values listed
in the LogiBLOX GUI, even if it is not the bus width you originally wanted.
This will give you a .MOD file listing the option settings used to generate the

2. Manually edit this .MOD file and change the BUS_WIDTH
parameter value to the value you were originally looking for.
Also, change the bus pin indices in this file to correspond to the new bus width
value. For example, say you generated the module specifying a 32-bit
bus width originally with bus pin A(31:0). If you change the bus width to 24 bits, the
corresponding bus pin indices will need to be changed to (23:0).

3. Restart LogiBLOX. The parameters in the last .MOD file generated
are automatically read into the LogiBLOX application when you restart
it. Click the "OK" button in the module GUI to generate the module with
the bus width setting that you wrote into the .MOD file .
AR# 3913
日期 02/11/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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