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Configuration - Bitstream Encryption Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for bitstream encryption.


For device-specificdetails, please consult the specific families Configuration User Guide.

Q1: How do you use the Encryption?

A1: You should enable theEncryption in BitGen. Enter your password and you will obtaintwo files after running: NKY and BIT. The NKY file is the key. You need to download the NKY file to the FPGA first, by iMPACT only. Then you can configure the FPGA by the BIT file.

Q2: What tools do I need to write NKY files? Can I use the ChipScope tool?

A2: The NKY file is not the normal configure file. Only iMPACT can handle this.

Q3: I have written the key to the FPGA. Which tool can I use to configure FPGA with BIT file?

A3: You can use iMPACT or the ChipScope tool.

Q4:I have write the key to the FPGA. Can the FPGA be configured by non-encrypted BIT files?

A4: Yes, for Virtex-6 devices and onward. No, for older devices. You can use both iMPACT and ChipScope software. To do this, consult the device-specificuser guide.

AR# 39389
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