AR# 39441

XtremeDSP Kit IV- How to Disable PLL in BenADDA Dime-II Module in XtremeDSP Kit IV


In XtremeDSP Kit-IV, how to disable a PLL in the AD9772A DACs on the board.


To disable the DAC PLL, hardware modifications are necessary. Two 0 Ohm resistors (one for each DAC) need to be moved from position 1-3 to the 1-2 connection. The position of these two resistors are indicated in red in the attached picture.

Section 5 "DACs" of the User Guide (which is in C:\Program Files\FUSE\XtremeDSP Development Kit-IV\Documentation\Product) explains this in more detail. The DAC data sheet is in C:\Program Files\FUSE\XtremeDSP Development Kit-IV\Documentation\Datasheet.

Note: If the customers do this on their own, any damage to the module by doing this will void the warranty!

For details, contact Virgil on email virgil.moreno@isipkg.comfrom Nallatach directly with support questions for this issue.

AR# 39441
日期 12/15/2012
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