AR# 39607


12.3 EDK - "ERROR:EDK:2905 - Invalid property 'C_UART_WIDTH' added in MHS"


When I enable the JTAG UART with the Debug Configuration Wizard, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:EDK:2905 - Invalid property 'C_UART_WIDTH' added in MHS.
ERROR:EDK:1558 - IPNAME:mdm INSTANCE:mdm_0 - C:\test\system.mhs line 234 - PARAMETER C_UART_WIDTH not found in mpd."

How can I solve this error?


The C_UART_WIDTH parameter has been removed from MDM v2.00a. However, when the JTAG UART is enabled with the Debug Configuration Wizard, the parameter is added into the MHS file.

To resolve this issue, remove the parameter from the MHS file.
AR# 39607
日期 12/10/2010
状态 Active
Type 错误信息
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