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12.1 EDK - ERROR: Debug Operation Not Supported on the Target


When I download my program after resetting the debugging process, I see the following error message:

"Unexpected error while launching program: ERROR: Debug operation not supported on the Target. Microblaze Pipeline Stalled on a Blocking Insruction or Invalid Bus Access. Stalled PC: 0x00000000"
"Unexpected error while launching program: ELF Verify failed. Please check if memory is working properly."

How can I work around this problem?


Solution 1

A scenario that causes this error is when you have selected zero hardware breakpoints in the MicroBlaze processor.When XMD issues a reset command, XMD also issues a stop command to the MicroBlaze processor.The stop command needs a hardware break point.To overcome this problem, configure the MicroBlaze processor to have at least one hardware break point.

Solution 2

Another scenario that causes this problem is when you have matched a BlockRAM Memory Map (.bmm) file to the incorrect bitstream (.bit). Verify that both the .bmm and .bit files have been generated by the same implementation flow. For instance, this problem can occur if you use a .bmm file generated during implementation of an ISE design that includes a processor system (.xmp), but then uses a bitstream generated from within EDK.

Solution 3

This error can also occur when the MicroBlaze processor is held in reset. Check that the reset polarity selected is correct and that the UCF has the correct pins set with the LOC constraint for the reset and clock signals.



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