AR# 3993


A1.4/A1.5 XSI: What to do when insert_pads fails in FPGA Compiler


keywords: fpga compiler,design compiler,insert_pads,dont_touch

urgency: standard

general description: If a HDL design contains bidiretional IO, sometimes
FPGA Compiler will be unable to infer the correct type of IO; insert_pads
sometimes fails.This happens if IOB_4000 are left in the netlist, or
insert_pads/compile reports an error like this:

Error: Need to insert a pad on port 'MYCLOCK' before compiling.(OPT-1000)

This solution has tips on handling problems when insert_pads fails.This
solution record applies to both FPGA Compiler and Design Compiler.This solution
applies to any family in the FPGA Compiler/Design Compiler flow that uses
the insert_pads/set_port_is_pads commands.


AR# 3993
日期 04/25/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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