AR# 40039


Licensing - When querying license server what does "Total of 9999 licenses available" mean for some features?


When querying the license server for list of licensed features using xlcm, lmdiag, or lmstat, some features return 9999, or 19998, or uncounted licenses available as in this example:

Users of plb_temac_v1: (Total of 9999 licenses available)
Users of xpx_ll_temac: (Total of 19998 licenses available)
Users of xpx_ll_emac_v2: (Total of 9999 licenses available)
Users of xps_ll_temac_v1: (Total of 9999 licenses available)
Users of soft_temac_wrap: (Total of 19998 licenses available)

What do theses values mean?


These are all IP cores and generally represent free or evaluation cores or licenses sold on a site-wide basis.It is the intention to apply large number of license seats to these cores to avoid multiple users at a particular location being unable to access the licenses simultaneously.

For a node-locked license, the seat count will typically be "Uncounted."

For Xilinx Software and IP Core licenses, which are not purchased as "Site Licenses,"this number represents the actual number of licenses purchased and available on the server.

AR# 40039
日期 12/15/2012
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