AR# 4007


HW-130/Third party programmers (such as DATA IO, BP): Supported file formats .mcs, .exo, .tek but not .bit


Urgency: Standard

Description: Customer wanted to know what file format was accepted in

his third party programmer.


There are three file formats that the hw-130/third party programmers


.mcs (Intel hex format)

.exo (Motorola hex format)

.tek (Tektronix hex file format)

You must use the prom file formatter software tool. This is available in the

xilinx software tools, and can convert the .bit file to one of these hex file formats which will be accepted by the programmer. You can access the prom

file formatter through the design manager gui. The gui is accessed by an

icon on the on the left hand side in the design manager.

Note: The .hex file format is not accepted by the hw-130, but is

accepted by some of the third party programmers.

AR# 4007
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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