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CORE Generator - How do I create an EDIF file for use with third-party synthesis tools?


CORE Generator 11.5 and earlier software versions had an option to create a single flat structural EDIF netlist file (.edn) with every IP core it generated.

Third-party synthesis tools (e.g., Mentor Graphics Leonardo Spectrum) used this EDN file to infer resources utilized by the core as well as rough timing information.

The CORE Generator software is no longer delivering an EDN file.

Is it possible to get an EDIF file out of the CORE Generator softwarefor use with these third-party synthesis tools?


CORE Generator softwareno longer produces an EDN file, but describes the logic implementation for a new core using an NGC file.

Most current synthesis tools are able to directly read in NGC format files and pull the information needed from this file. However,for resource or timing estimates for clients that cannot consume NGC files, an NDF file can be created.

To generate an NDF file, run the NGC2EDIF application on the cores NGC file.This produces an NDF file which is an EDIF representation of the core.

For some "LegacyIP Cores", the CORE Generatorsoftware can be used to deliver the NDF file. This is done by enabling the CORE Generator software project option "Create NDF Synthesis Optimization Interface for NGC cores".

For this to run successfully, it is also necessary to have the temporary directory option set to a location with write permissions.

NOTE:All new IP core versions are being created in IP-XACT format.Cores using the IP-XACT format do not allow for the automated generation of the NDF file.Therefore, if an NDF file is needed for one of these cores, it needs to be created using NGC2EDIF from the command line.

AR# 40134
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