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Foundation Schematic: How to add parameters to Foundation Symbols Parameters list


Symbol Parameters, Foundation Schematic Editor, Susie.ini


Sometimes customer wants to add a parameter to the
Foundation Symbols Parameters list so that it may be easily used
repeatedly for multiple symbols.

For example he/she may want to add a XILINX attribute called LOC for
pin locking or he/she may want to delete a parameter that had been put
by mistake.


In Foundation Schematic Editor, if you double click on a instance, the
Symbol Properties template will be opened. In the pull_down menu for
"Name" field in the "Parameters" section, a list of available Symbol
Parameters that you may want to pass down to a place and route tool
is given.

To add a new parameter, type in the new parameter name in the "Name" field
and click on "Add" button. For example you can add a Xilinx Attribute called
"LOC" to an IPAD if it has not been added as one of the available parameters.
To specify the value, type in the parameter value for that instance
in the "Description" field and click on "Add" button. For example "P22"
for pin number 22 of a PQ package.

Once you have added a new parameter to a symbol, it will be available for other
symbols as well. It will also be readily available for your later projects.
That way, the list can grow from the original list, which contains only

For more information on Xilinx attributes, please refer to the Libraries Guide.
AR# 4016
日期 08/12/2003
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