AR# 40179


SPI-4.2 v11.1 - The _pl4_snk_top.v and _pl4_src_top.v module declarations use incorrect port direction for AXI_SNK_ACLK and AXI_SRC_ACLK


In the SPI-4.2 v11.1 Core,  the <core_name>_pl4_snk_top.v and <core_name>_pl4_src_top.v files that declare the verilog modules have incorrect direction set for the AXI_SNK_ACLK and AXI_SRC_ACLK ports.

This causes errors in Synplify, but only warnings in XST (XST correctly views these as inputs despite module declaration).


To work around this issue, the AXI_SNK_ACLK and AXI_SRC_ACLK ports should be changed from ouputs to inputs. 

This issue is scheduled to be fixed in v11.2 of the SPI-4.2 core (to be released in ISE Design Suite 13.2).



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AR# 40179
日期 05/26/2014
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