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14.2 Licensing - The "Host ID Matches" Column is not correct when Disk Serial Number is used


I have a license with ahost ID based on the Disk Serial Number and the hostID value matches that in the system. But, the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM) does not indicate "Yes" in the "Host ID Matches" column.

Is there something wrong?


Currently, if you use a Disk Serial Number for the license host ID, the "Host ID Matches" column remains blank (in ISE Design Suite 13.x) or shows "no" (in ISE Design Suite 14.1/2)whether the disk ID matches or does not match.

Run "lmutil lmdiag -c <license file>" from command line to determine if the license is valid and can be used on your machine.

This is issue is fixed in ISE Design Suite 14.3.



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AR# 40252
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