AR# 40257


13.1 EDK - GUI issues


This Answer Record contains some look-and-feel issues associated with 13.1.


  • When running through the Create and Import Peripheral Wizard, the AXI documentation links are not visible.
    • You can still link to the documentation if you hover the cursor near the edge. The documents can also be found at:
  • The Back button for Base System Builder in Windows 7 is in the upper left corner (instead of next to the Next button).
  • The AXI4 Lite shared interconnect sometimes disappears from the patch panel.
    • This is visual only.If modifications to the AXI4 interconnect need to be made via the patch panel, closing and opening the XPS project can work around the issue.
  • The software flow has been deprecated in Xilinx Platform Studio. In order to select an ELF file to update the bitstream or setup simulation, navigate from Project --> Select ELF file. NOTE: The bootloopisused by default in the absence of this selection.



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AR# 40257
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