AR# 40278


Virtex-6 - GTX Duty Cycle Distortion (DCD) Constraint for REFCLK


The Virtex-6 GTX Transceiver Reference Clock duty cycle specification is 45-55% as shown in Table 21 of the Virtex-6 FPGA Data Sheet for DC and Switching Characteristics

It was 40-60% for the Virtex-5 GTX Transceiver Reference Clock. 

Why is the Duty Cycle Distortion (DCD) more conservative for Virtex-6 FPGA?


If the reference clock has too much distortion, then it manifests itself as a modulation in the output of the PLL.

Most of the oscillators on the market for the SerDes-type applications have tighter Duty Cycle Distortion (DCD) specifications.

AR# 40278
日期 06/13/2017
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