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Design Assistant for PCI Express - How do you change the Device-ID without regenerating and re-implementing the core in a Virtex-6 device?


Is it possible to change the PCIe Block configuration space parameters (e.g., Device-ID and Vendor-ID) without regenerating and implementing the core?

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The following steps show how to modify the parameter in FPGA editor.

  1. Open the post-PAR NCD file in FPGA editor:

  2. Go toFile-> Main Properties and set the "Edit Mode" to "Read Write" as shown below:

  3. Select the Integrated Block for PCIe:

  4. Click on the Integrated Block for PCIe and a separate window will open as shown below:

  5. Click on the "edit block" in FPGA editor (it is available on the right side of the window):

  6. Click on the symbol "F=" which shows the attributes of the block

  7. You can edit the attributes of the block. Click the apply button to save the changes.

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