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Design Assistant for PCI Express - What is a prefetchable bit?


What is a prefetchable bit?

What is the implication of not using this bit correctly?

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Traditionally, prefetchabilitymeans to fetch memory beforehand into a small buffer so that the read operations become faster. For example, if you have two PCI buses connected by a bridge, if a host in primary bus has to access memory in the secondary bus, then the bridge would fetch data from the memory and store it in the bridge buffer. The host can then periodically access it and it would be much faster as well.

However, the memory has to be prefetchable. If the memory is not prefetchable, once the data is loaded into the buffer of the bridge, data will be lost from the memory. If the host cannot collect data from the bridge, then the data is lost forever. If the memory is prefetchable, there is no risk of data lost.

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