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Development Boards - Do Series 6 Evaluation Kits from Xilinx support eFUSE?


Do the SP601, SP605, ML605 Evaluation Kits from Xilinx support eFUSE?


eFUSE is not supported on Xilinx Series 6 Evaluation Boards (SP601, SP605, ML605) due to the fact that the development boards were not built with an on-board embedded version of the USBII download cable circuit.  

The USBII circuit is a requirement for eFUSE as per the iMPACT documentation (iMPACT Help - Introduction to eFUSE Registers). 

The Series 6 development boards can only be programmed via the onboard download circuit as there is no provision for the use of an external download cable connection into the board's JTAG chain.

AR# 40350
日期 11/09/2018
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