AR# 40375


Prohibited File Types ICap error occurs, while attempting to upload an archive of the project to WebCase



While attempting to upload an archive of my project to WebCase (for example a .zip file or .tar file), I receive the following error message:



 The file extension is not on the prohibited list and the file is smaller than 30MB.

What can I do to attach the archive to a WebCase?




If the archive you are uploading contains .bat files our firewall will detect them and block the upload for this reason.

The workaround is to find and change any .bat files inside your archive to an extension such as .bat_safe.

An option is now available ISE 13.1 and later and will be available in PlanAhead that allows you to do this easily when you are Archiving your file.

This should resolve the issue and you should then be able to upload the archive to the Webcase.

AR# 40375
日期 08/05/2014
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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