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AR# 4038

SYNPLIFY: How to change the colors used in HDL Analyst?


Keywords: rgb, synplify

Urgency: Standard

General Description: How to change the colors used in HDL Analyst?


You may customize the colors used in HDL Analyst RTL View and
Technology View schematics with a few simple edits of the
"synplify.ini". On Windows95, the synplify.ini and win.ini
files are located in the WINDOWS directory. In WindowsNT, the
synplify.ini and win.ini files are located in the WINNT
directory. On Unix, in the users home directory, a sub-directory
called 'windows' is created. It contains the setup files for
Synplify called synplify.ini and win.ini. You can change color
of elements inside the Synplify application such as highlighted
text. You can change colors exterior to the Synplify application
(such as window banner) in the win.ini file. The colors are all
RGB coded: 0 0 0 is black, 255 255 255 is white.

Look under the "[Schematics]" section and adjust the RGB values.

1) When you change schematic colors they won't take effect until
you open a new schematic.

2) You won't always see changes because Synplify only uses about
16 colors. So there are large ranges of RGB values that appear
to be the same color in Synplify.

3) For a colorblind person, it is often more helpful to change the
nonselected_color to a grey value (around 200 200 200) and keep
the default_line_color set to black (0 0 0) and have the
highlight_color set to something dark (black, red, navy blue).
The main impact being the difference between the nonselected_color
and the default_line_color. With these settings, when you select
something, it receives the highlight_color, and everything that is
not selected gets the soft grey of the nonselected_color.
AR# 4038
日期 10/06/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章