AR# 40559


14.x CORE Generator — 用户 IP 库的修改未反映在项目浏览器中


When using Project Navigator and custom IP user repositories, changes to a repository are not reflected during the current Project Navigator session.

For Example:

Project Navigator is opened with a project loaded.

The user opens the CORE Generator tool and makes a repository change (for example, adds or removes an IP core).

The user then attempts to generate a core in the Project Navigator tool by selecting Project -> New Source...

After selecting "IP (CORE Generator & Architecture Wizard)", typing a name and clicking Next, the available IP are loaded in the IP Catalog, but the recently made changes are not shown.


项目浏览器需要关闭并重新打开之后,用户 IP 库的修改才能反映出来。
AR# 40559
日期 09/24/2015
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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