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LogiCORE IP Ethernet AVB Endpoint v3.1 - Release Notes and Known Issues for ISE 13.1 Software


This Answer Record contains the Release Notes for the LogiCORE IP Ethernet AVB Endpoint v3.1, which was released in ISE Design Suite 13.1 and includes the following:
  • General Information
  • New Features
  • Resolved Issues
  • Known Issues
For installation instructions, general CORE Generator software known issues, and design tools requirements, see the IP Release Notes Guide.


General Information

The following are Generated out of CORE Generator software:

  • Ethernet AVB Endpoint core netlist
  • Example design HDL top-level and associated HDL files
  • Demonstration test bench to exercise the example design
  • Documentation Directory containing Data Sheet, Getting Started Guide, and User Guide
New Features
  • ISE 13.1 software support
  • Updated the RX Splitter function to optionally also use the Ethernet VLAN
    VID value to identify AV stream data. The Rx Filtering Control Register can
    now be setup to filter out two unique combinations of VLAN PCP/VID values.
    Software drivers updated to support new address mapping.
  • Removed support for pcore generation
Resolved Issues
  • None

Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 40955) LogiCORE IP Ethernet AVB Endpoint v3.1 - Timing simulation sometimes times out

(Xilinx Answer 40956) LogiCORE IP Ethernet AVB Endpoint v3.1 - Timing errors occasionally seen when targeting Spartan-3 devices



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40955 LogiCORE IP Ethernet AVB Endpoint v3.1 - Timing Simulation occasionally times out N/A N/A
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