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Packaging Design Assistant - Assembly Process


During the board assembly process question can arise on topics such as moisture sensitivity, packaging dimensions, reliability, and different solvents which can be used. This collection of Articles is targeted at these types of issues.

NOTE: This Answer Record is a part of the Xilinx Packaging Solution Center (Xilinx Answer 40687).



(Xilinx Answer 15512) Packaging - What packages have Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) numbers?
(Xilinx Answer 1890) Package - Where can I find moisture sensitivity information

Package Drawings

(Xilinx Answer 8393) Package Drawings - What does BSC mean in package dimensions?

Reliability Data

(Xilinx Answer 7211) Where can I find quality and reliability information for Xilinx parts?
(Xilinx Answer 34410) Why "vented" parts in Xilinx cannot be immersed in solvents and can only be cleaned with DI water.


(Xilinx Answer 19089) Packaging, PCN 2003-11 - What is the effect of the new "Green Material set" (used for TQ, VQ and PC packages) on thermal resistance of the package?

AR# 40689
日期 12/15/2012
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