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Licensing - Lmgrd log reports "Got Message from Unknown Vendor Daemon: xilinxd"


After I run lmgrd on my floating license, I see the following message at the end of the log file and the license is not working.

"10:56:57 (lmgrd) Got Message from Unknown Vendor Daemon: xilinxd -- ignoring"

How can I fix this?


Themessage indicates that xilinxd is not running and hence license checkout is not possible.

The "Vendor" line in a license file gives the needed information to start the vendor daemon.By default, only the daemon name is given after the VENDOR keyword: VENDOR xilinxd

If the xilinxd executable is not in the directory where lmgrd is run from or in a directory specified in the PATH variable, the location can be specified on the Vendor line. For example: VENDOR xilinxd /user/utils/lic/xilinxd

Another common edit to the Vendor line is to specify the return port. For Example: VENDOR xilinxd c:\flexlm\lic_utils\xilinxd port=2222

A syntax or formatting error could prevent the xilinxd executable from being found or properly called and result in the error above when lmgrd is attempting to serve a license feature dependant on the xilinxd daemon.

An example of a common editing mistake is to specify the executable path name without the actual daemon name.

"VENDOR ./xilinxd Port=2222" is incorrect syntax because lmgrdis looking for a daemon named "./xilinxd" instead of "xilinxd"

The correct format is: VENDOR deamon_name path_daemon Other_options

Hence, the correct syntax for the previous example should be: "VENDOR xilinxd ./xilinxd Port=2222"

AR# 40727
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