AR# 40729


Serial RapidIO v5.5 - Support for Virtex-6 Low Power and Virtex-6Q devices


When a Virtex-6 Low Power or a Virtex-6Q device is selected in theCORE Generator tool, a Serial RapidIO Core is not allowed to be generated.

Does the Serial RapidIO Core support Virtex-6 Low Power or Virtex-6Q devices?


The Serial RapidIO Core does not officially support Virtex-6 Low Power or Virtex-6Q devices. However, both devices should be able to work with a core that is generated for a regular Virtex-6 part, as long as timing is met.

Revision History
03/28/2011 - Added Virtex-6Q support
02/17/2011 - Initial release
AR# 40729
日期 01/31/2013
状态 Archive
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