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iMPACT - Indirect SPI Programming - Resetting QE (Quad Enable) Status Bit for W25Q16V


The iMPACT toolactually sets the QE bit for x4 SPI operation, but it does notclear the QE bit if you want to go back to x1 or x2 mode. Is there a way to clear this bit?


Yes, but it can only currently be done via the command line. In the iMPACT tool, go to Help > Help Topics and look for the section for command line and batch mode. There, you can look at examples of how to use batch mode.

The switch name is -qebit and is set when you are doing an erase. The next example shows how to use the switch:

setMode -bs
setCable -port usb21
addDevice -p 1 -file"path/filename.mcs"
attachflash -position 1 -spi "W25Q16V"
assignfiletoattachedflash -position 1 -file "path/filename.mcs"
erase -p 1 -spionly -qebit

AR# 40782
日期 12/15/2012
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